Tretford Carpet Tiles


Tretford is a product known for its strength and longevity. For over years this BREEAM Grade A+ rated contract, natural fibre cord carpet has been trusted for use in hotels, schools, universities, offices and other high-traffic environments that demand a stylist designer product.

The possible colour combinations available that can be taken from the pallet of 60 colours, allows a designer to come up with a unique look. Tretford can be cut in any direction without fraying meaning that designs can be produced in a complex or ornate way without product failures.

  • 524russet-1_134x110
  • 515silver-1_134x110
  • 565evergreen-1_134x110
  • 538silverbirch-1_134x110
  • 569clover-1_134x110
  • 567lagoonblue-1_134x110
  • 523larch-1_134x110
  • 514bilberry-1_134x110
  • 512dapplegrey-1_134x110
  • 527driedlavender-1_134x110
  • 566lichen-1_134x110
  • 516brilliantblue-1_134x110
  • 517sky-1_134x110
  • 568jonquille-1_134x110
  • 534anthracite-1_134x110
  • 559burntorange-1_134x110
  • 555wildrice-1_134x110
  • 558peacock-1_134x110
  • 532sisal-1_134x110
  • 513sage-1_134x110